Thursday, January 24, 2008

Week in review and other...

I just finished my WW week. Review of the fun facts are as follows:

Points used everyday: 20
Flex points eaten: 31 (I rarely have any left over - yay me! I'm getting full on less!)
Activity points earned: 32
Activity points eaten: 30

I gained 0.5 this week BUT I'm quite happy - I noticed a real change in my body this week. It has been a long, long time since I've stayed OP this long. That bathing suit is getting closer to my grasp each week!!

Other exciting news: I'm using a green marker for my food journal instead of pink this week. Will the madness never stop?

Yesterday did not go as planned. My garage door broke with my vehicle stuck inside! I had a moment of panic since I was on my way to drive daughter to an exam when I noticed I couldn't get my vehicle out. I was able to get it fixed so I didn't have to miss belly dance. Good thing - we worked hard learning combos. Anyhow, I'm $183 poorer today. :-(

My puppy was such a monkey at puppy class last night that he got a time out. Husband, who goes with him, was not happy. I think it is because of the full moon. Ha!

Time to get ready for personal trainer. I wonder what torture she has planned today?

Have a healthy day bloggers!!


  1. What a great way to look at that gain, such a great outlook. I'm sure your gaining muscle and muscle ways more than fat, hence the reason your seeing a gain, but feeling better. way to go!

  2. You are OUT OF CONTROL, girl! Using a DIFFERENT colored pen?! Good-NIGHT! ha ha!

  3. Congrats on sensing/feeling a difference in your body! That's such an exciting feeling.