Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Reps and Run Post Mortem

Post Mortem are the operative words in the title. I feel like that is what I've been through. Had my new class. Starts with weight training. We used just about every apparatus known to the fitness world. Steps, mats, tubes, round tubes that attach to ankles, 2 sets of weights, slidy disky things, and the ball. Good Lord. It is quite similar to the weight training class I did last year, but the big difference is the pace at which we do it. Everything is sped up. She expects us to take no more than 5 seconds to change weights or tubes. Crazy. At one point I thought I would be sick. The nice thing is the class is only 45 minutes, warm up & down incl. So, we put our stuff away and we now have less than 10 minutes to get changed and out to the pool.

Well, this was WAY different than I thought it would be. For some reason I expected to be "running" lengths of the pool. I didn't realize that you never move. I actually had a lot of trouble in this class - I found it hard to move my limbs like the instructors was asking. Except for one 30 second burst, I wasn't able to get my heart rate up to more than 18. I was working too hard to make my legs AND arms work at the same time to put a lot of effort into it! Oh, well. It was still a fun workout, and the ladies in the class seem ok.

Tonight we start Salsa lessons. I need to do something else though. Either a walk with the dog or 20 minutes on the bike. We'll see. It is supposed to get nice out today. I could use a blast of sunshine. I know the dog will like the walk. He is such a barker though. Ugh.

I'm so pleased that everyone seems to be starting the year off with a bang. Could this be the year that we make these changes for the last time?

Had to take daughter to doctor last night. 2.5 hours wait. Even though the clinic closed at 9 they started turning people away at 6:30. One lady got really mad. I would have felt bad for the two receptionists, but they were the most unprofessional twits I have come across in a while. What is it with that next generation? Anyhow, all that and the doctor prescribed Advil Cold & Sinus! Oddly, I had a bottle in my purse. Since daughter gets many ear infections, especially when we have been on a plane, this is good to know. I will be sure to take some on our trip in the spring - may prevent her ears getting to the point of infection.

Ok, stop reading. Go move! And have a healthy day!!


  1. Wow, that class sounds hellacious and totally awesome at the same time! Is your daughter feeling better? My son is the same way about eating. Unless someone fixes it for him, he may just not eat, or he'll eat Ramen.

    So, anyway, good job and keep up the GREAAAAAT work! I'm proud of you!

  2. I think salsa lessons sounds like so much fun! You will have to let us know how you like them!

  3. I got a charley horse just thinking about that water running class!

  4. Anonymous2:53 PM

    That sounds hard to jog without moving. Great job on the workout! Keep it up!