Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Picture problems

I've been trying to upload a couple of pictures, but there is a problem with blogger right now. I will try later.

So, Biggest Loser last night. What a crock. I think that was fixed by the producers. The teams I like are the blue team, the gray team, and the orange team. I'm mad at people for throwing the weigh ins though. I work my ass off everyday so that I can MAYBE loose a pound a week. These people have the opportunity of a lifetime for workouts that would cost thousands of dollars on the outside and they are drinking water before the weigh in. Dumbasses.
Salsa class again last night. We were moving the whole hour and lots more laughs to be had. Good times. I didn't run yesterday because I had a dental appt. Today I will be on the treadmill just a-given-er! I'm looking forward to belly dance tonight. And I have a stretch class for 30 minutes before that.

I finally got one picture to work. This is an avocado salad roll that I purchase at my local grocery store. I cannot believe how much I love them. Mmm, so yummy. And so low in points. And filling. And now I really want one!!!


  1. I love the orange team! They totally screwed things up with the immunity though, I so want to see black gone!

    Also was very upset about them throwing the weigh in...what a disappointment.

  2. Mmmmm...avocado rolls!!

    Man, I HATE The Black Team...come to think of it, I hate ALL the teams. They all suck. But I really hate what BL did last night with that sneaky crap...

    Heath Ledger? Yes, soooo sad.