Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Feeling Purple....;-)

I'm feeling much better today. Phew! Salsa did help in the end. Class was quite hard actually. Lots of turns. Husband was immediately frustrated. He expects to be able to do something right away. We have very different methods of learning. You learn a lot about yourself and your partner when you take a dance lesson!!

Today is my last WW day before I give Wendi a try. I'm excited just because it will be something different. I had a good week this week. Since I've been participating with the SparkPeople Challenges (the ones that I have been involved in running since October) I'm down over 11 lbs. I figured out today I'm down over 8 lbs for my bathing suit challenge. Time to step thing up though. Gee, if only I could loose a pound every time I typed that!

So, Poppy did a great video blog (you're looking SO good Poppy!) and she was discussing managing her points more efficiently. She kinda made me think. I likely would have an easier time sticking to my daily points if I included more veggies in my day. She is a wise, wise woman that Poppy. This week, as well as doing Wendi, I will be making sure that I check off all my veggie boxes in my journal.

Poppy also posted a spaghetti squash extravaganza recipe that looked delish. I'm going to be purchasing a spaghetti squash promptly. I love them, and I had forgotten about them again.

What else. Oh, I have two belly dance classes today. I can't wait. One is my regular class, and the other is part of the club challenge. Fun times.

Have a healthy day bloggers!!

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