Sunday, January 06, 2008

No buts about it....

I've been noticing a trend that we are all doing. "I had a great loss, BUT....." Let's all decide right now. The only time we need a but is when we are telling blogland about what we did WELL in the week. For ex: "I gained 0.5 this week BUT I ate way more veggies and fruit than in the past" When we have a loss, we should just bask in the joy of a job well done. For ex: "I lost 0.5 this week!!!" We are never really taking credit for our hard work. There always seems to be a qualifier. Maybe we will have success for longer into the year if we pat ourselves on the back once in a while - you know, those pats will add up to an activity point sooner or later!

I have my new class today called Land meets Water. I'm excited. 45 minutes of weight training followed by 45 minutes of water jogging. I have never water jogged, so I'm quite excited to try it. This week all my classes start up - so be prepared for lots of class reviews! This class today is supposed to be a good cross training class for runners. Time will tell, I guess.

Good day yesterday. I didn't exercise. I have activities planned for every day of the week, so Sunday may turn into my rest day. My old bones need a break some days!!

I made daughter a nice lunch today. Turns out the reason she hasn't been taking lunch is just cause she doesn't like making it in the morning. I told her - well, no problem - I will do it. I really would like to see her eating more regularly. This will help. Sheesh. In any case, I made her a nice salad with chicken and zesty italian dressing. Non-fat, of course.

Have a healthy day bloggers!!


  1. I love your idea, I totally think your right, we so don't give ourselves the credit we deserve when speaking about losses.

    Your class sounds fun, I really need to find some classes, but then I would have to find the time for those classes...that would be the tricky part ;)

  2. Anonymous10:21 AM

    Your class sounds like fun. I agree that your idea is awesome. Why do we always have to put a negative on a positive? It's like when someone tells you that you look nice and then you tell them why you don't really.

  3. I think you are SO right! I'm always congratulating myself on a loss one minute and then the next, I am going on about what I could have done better. An attitude change is just what we all need. Thanks for the reminder.

    I have started taking a few classes as well. Last night was Body Sculpt which was pretty good. My muscles were shaking uncontrolably for most of it. Today I am pretty sore but 'm going to Yoga at lunch and then back to the gym after work for a bit of cardio. Tomorrow is Body Ball class so i should be a hurting little unit on Thursday and Friday! Can't wait to hear how you made out with water jogging!