Sunday, January 20, 2008

confession is good for the soul?

I totally did NOT do the bike yesterday. Yoga, as predicted, just about killed me. I was seriously out of energy after the class. The teacher thought all of my moaning was funny. I didn't share her opinion. Also, as predicted, today I can walk pain free because I did go to yoga. To make up for my laziness, lack of energy, whatever you want to call it, yesterday, I went to the club with daughter today and did 30 minutes on the treadmill (20 of which were running minutes). Sunday is normally my day of rest (I like to keep God company). But, I kinda rested yesterday.....earned enough points for 2 x 2 oz white wine and 1 cup of grapes. Good times. All I'm missing are raisins!

I made a yummy supper tonight. Turkey, fried peppers/onions/ spinach (with MINIMAL oil, OF COURSE), potatoes & a tomato/avocado salad. I didn't have the potatoes, cause I had one for lunch. It was screaming good and I am pleasantly full right now. Daughter was happy 'cause she really likes the tomato/avocado salad. I should make it more often, since it is both tasty AND easy. An excellent combination.

Well, I guess I should go read or something. Husband is watching stinking football. He keeps commenting on the game like I care. I seriously couldn't care less. Even if I tried. At least he isn't watching hockey.

Have a healthy day bloggers!!


  1. Haha! I hope your hubby wasn't rooting for the Packers! Woohoo, that was a good game!

    Good on ya' for getting to the club! I am feeling guilt for resting Saturday and Sunday, so I need to get out there tomorrow. Between reading you and Dietgirl, I'm feeling kinda pumped about it!

    Keep up the good work, and please, more details on the tomato/avocado salad.

    P.S. I'm totally suffering now. I'll continue to suffer, I promise.

  2. Great work on the yoga class! And I'd love to hear your recipe for the salad - sounds delicious!!!!

  3. Good job on going to yoga, that's impressive, and then getting to the gym and doing some time on the treadmill. No shame in taking a day of rest after that!