Saturday, January 19, 2008

I'm scared....

Seriously - I am afraid to go to yoga. I'm SO very sore from all that curling and my personal trainer that I can hardly move. I'm going to yoga because in the long term, it will help me feel better, but man, oh man, is it going to hurt in the short term. There's a good chance I will cry. HA!

We had to sweep like pigs at curling last night. And we played right until the bitter end (and no, we didn't even win - tied). My arms were like jello by the end of the night. I earned enough activity points though for a nice glass (ok, 3) of red wine. I'm all about looking out for my heart!!

Today I plan to do 20 minutes on the bike in the afternoon. We actually have nothing planned for this weekend. I might try to make bread. My friend was going to show me, but she got too busy, so I looked for instructions on the Internet. Eh, I guess the worst case scenario is that it just doesn't work. I think I will pick up stuff for salsa also - husband is on his last jar of the last batch. I will do a double batch this time though. A single batch only makes just shy of 4 litres. Who can survive on only 4 litres of salsa? That's crazy!!

Well, I suppose I've bored you all enough. Get out there and move!!

Have a healthy day bloggers!!


  1. That's so cool that you can your salsa--I'm really impressed. One of my goals for this spring is to start learning to can things.

  2. I love making salsa!! how cool!!

    I know when I had a PT one time he worked me so hard that my abs were sore for 2 weeks, and I am dead serious about that. My first 3 days of sleep were painful to lay in bed. I'll never forget that pain.