Friday, January 18, 2008

F*ck - why did I take it to the next level??

Why, why, why did I have to push it yesterday? My ass is KILLING me!!!! I curled last night and again this morning. I can hardly walk and I still have to curl tonight.

Next week I resume running. I haven't run for around two weeks - it is time to put it back in the routine. I'm going to work on my speed - so I'm only going to run 20 minutes per session. Isn't this exciting news?? The reason I am putting it back in is because one of Big Bet competitors is looking like she is loosing weight. And while I've lost 6.2 - she looks like she may have lost more. Time to turn up the heat. I am winning that freakin swim suit!

Alright - I'm off to do the roller to stretch out my aching legs before I have to curl again in an hour.

Have a healthy rest of the day bloggers!!

1 comment:

  1. Haha! It hurts because it's working, right?! That swimsuit is YOURS! Go kick some butt!