Thursday, January 17, 2008

Taking it to the next level

I met with my personal trainer today. For the first time EVER, I used 12.5lb weights for an exercise!! I'm so excited!!!! I'm sure I made a muscle today, I worked so hard. And do you know what made me do it? You would think it is my deep desire to find the real me but no, it wasn't. It was stinky Neill from BL last night. I didn't want to be him. The give up guy (gal). The person who could do one more but doesn't. The person who could lift more but doesn't. And so, I wasn't. Sneaky personal trainer added time on the treadmill to my workout. I always warm up, but she had me on there walking really fast up a good incline for 3 minutes twice during my workout. I was drenched by the time I was done my workout. IT FELT GREAT!!!!!

Other fun on the agenda today....I was supposed to do a beginner ball class tonight, but our friends need us to curl, so I will be doing that. It will workout to the same amount of activity points. I'm quite afraid that I won't be able to crouch down to push the rock though. Personal trainer worked my legs good and hard.

What, I guess nothing.

Have a healthy day bloggers! Drink lots of water.....


  1. good job on using the heavier weight, way to one wants to be stinky niell, that guys drove me bonkers!

  2. OMG I wish I was your workout buddy! Seriously, you RAWWWWK!!!