Friday, January 11, 2008

"I Lost it at the Club" Challenge details and much more!

I went to the meet & greet last night for the challenge at my club. It was basically just a quick meeting to let us know how it was going to work. Over the next few months we have to collect points. Prizes will be given out at the end. Once again, we are collecting stickers, like so:

1 sticker for 60 minute workout to a max of 3 stickers. A workout can be formal, up in the gym, or a day on the hill skiing, or an hour walk with the dog, or get the idea.

1 sticker for each week of a nutrition log you keep. If you journal already for WW, then you can just use that. Which I do, and will.

1 sticker for pounds lost. I think you just get a sticker if you loose weight whether it be 1 pound or 20, but I'm not sure.

2 stickers for attending a class. This is exciting to me, because I am signed up for 4 classes per week!

2 stickers for a workout with a trainer - oh, wait - I do that to!

3 stickers for inches off your waist - again, I think it is 3 stickers for whatever your # is - but again, not sure

3 stickers for attending a nutritional seminar

I don't expect to win a prize doing this, but I have to be honest, I love collecting stickers! I can't wait! They have all the names up (only 71 people signed up) but no stickers were available yet. It is run on an honour system. As FatMom would say - cool beans!!

I went to the gym right away today to workout because my scheduled ladies curling game was cancelled. I had to get it in because I am going for drinks tonight. I am so excited. You want to know why? Because I looked up on what I normally eat at this restaurant and I'm planning for the point splurge. Not only am I going to have my regular fare, but I won't have to have any guilt! The restaurant we are going to is Chili's and I normally start with the chips and salsa (12pts for the entire basket) and then friend & I split the monteray jack fajita (9pts for the 1/2). Then 2 - 3 glasses of wine. Ya baby!!

Have a healthy day!


  1. Anonymous3:03 PM

    The challenge sounds like fun! It will be good motivation.

  2. Your belly dancing pictures is GORGEOUS! Look at you! Have fun on your deserve it, Fatinah!

  3. Hey Fatinah! Thanks for your comment today. As for the appetizers, that's only for Sunday night dinner. I'm trying to start a Sunday tradition of having a good, homemade meal with Max. I'm trying to do an appetizer, entree with side, and dessert ... all WW-friendly. No great ideas for the appetizers yet ... it's still football season, so he's wanted to have crap while watching the games.

  4. I LOVE THE PICTURE!!! You guys look great. Our class last night was made up of all beginners, so we all showed up on sweat pants and t-shirts not really sure what to expect. Now I know what I need! I'm not sure where I'm going to get my 'bells' but I am headed to the city this weekend so I should find some there. I cant wait until next week!

    Good luck gettin' sticky!!! I'm sure you will end up winning something like... hmmmm... I dont know, maybe a GREAT LOOKING BODY!!! LOL

    Thanks for being there for me... I appreciate you!

  5. Hey Fatinah - I'd love to give you the chickpea cutlet recipe! Do you think I could e-mail it to you?

    Let me know what your address is, and I'll send it on!