Friday, July 06, 2007


Rain is now expected for my race day! I think my saving grace will be that we start walking at 7 a.m., and the rain likely won't happen till later in the day. I hope!

Not up to much. Didn't have a good eating day yesterday.

Who watched Big Brother last night? I enjoyed it - as I always do. I was on the net today looking for John Powell's coverage of the 24/7 feeds - but he might not be doing it this year? That will change the experience for me a ton.....he's a good writer and his coverage was fun.

I won't be doing JC after this week - just didn't fit into our budget as well as I thought it would. I had a good talk with husband about it though. He is so sweet he made me cry. I thought our grocery bill might go down with me eating JC food, but it stayed the same. We just don't have the extra dough right now to add on $100+ per week. At least I'm down some good poundage though.

I've been using Sparkpeople throughout, so if I keep updating my food....I really like Sparkpeople - they have so many interesting articles and stuff. Next week, my walking partner said she would go up to the club with me to do weights. This will get me over my hurdle and then I should be good to go.

I'm thinking of getting myself a heart monitor for my walking so I can get an accurate calorie count. I will have to start pricing them out. My walking partner uses one, so I go by her count, would probably be better to have my own.

I'm quite surprised at how much I've come to look forward to my walks. I don't feel any sense of dread at all at going out. It is likely due to the iPod audiobooks. But still, I like getting my arms pumping (which ultimately leads to my heart pumping!) - even though I'm sure I look like an idiot!

Today I am continuing with my effort to get all 8 glasses of water in. I slept better last night. Don't know if it was from the increased water intake or what, is going to be hot again today....I'm going to drink 250ml before I eat anything all day today. That will cause me to pause before I I will be more aware of how often I'm eating!

So, for breakfast this morning, I'm thinking my Activia Low Fat Peach yogurt with a banana. MMMM, that sounds yummy!

Well, bloggers, I guess I've blathered on enough...this ended up longer than I thought....have a healthy day!


  1. I love BB it is one of my fave shows. I don't know how I feel about the father/daughter storyline seems super mean to me. Anyway, I am sorry you have to give up on JC but at least it was a good jumpstart. You will do fine on your own and you have all of us for support.

  2. Sorry to hear about the rain! Hopefully you will miss most or all of it. :)
    Sorry to hear you won't be able to do JC either, but I'm sure you'll do fine anyway. SparkPeople is a terrific tool to keep you in line!
    I'm considering trying the audiobook thing as soon as I find the cable for my mp3 player again. Our library does them and I'm hoping they will work with mine.

  3. We'd love to have you along for the challenge! You can sign up on our team in Sparkpeople. It is listed under "Be your OctoberBEST". We will start officially next Wednesday. More details will follow as we get everyone in place. :)

  4. I did JC back when I was in college and had some success with it. I'm sorry you have had to forego it. However, it sounds like you have a lot of other measures in place to help you in your efforts.
    You should definitely join Kim's Challenge! I can't wait!

  5. Anonymous3:59 AM

    Thanks for sticking with me matey!


    aka the fat assassin.

  6. Let us know what you find in the way of heart monitors... I'm looking for the same, but haven't had the time to really compare.

    Looks like you are doing awsome, and I'm sure that you will continue to do awsome whether your on JC or not! Aren't Hubby's wonderful when they are supportive!!

    Have a great weekend!