Monday, July 09, 2007


What a cryptic title....

Bloggers - that is my time for my half marathon! Not stellar, I know - BUT I didn't come in last - although even the person who came in last still finished! I came in 2051 out of 2102. Lots of room for improvement next year.

The race was so well run- I'm still just so impressed. Simultaneously, they had the following events running: Tim Bits run for tykes, 5k run, 10k run, 22k walk, 22k run, 44k walk, 44k run. And it was so smooth. The route was so well marked, and there were people all along cheering us on. Oh, and the best part was that they announced my name and time as I finished the race over the speaker! I felt so special. Then my walking buddy called to say that we had been on the news going over the finish line, but I missed it.

Anyhow, after the race, we had a snack provided by the race people, then went for a lovely brunch (where I just had one luscious plate - yay me!), then back to other walking buddies house for massages!

When I got home, I had left husband and daughter (who had a great day together) in charge of supper. He ordered in Swiss Chalet. I completely indulged and enjoyed my meal. I will be back to updating SparkPeople today with healthier choices!

So, bloggers, it was an awesome day! And I'm happy to report that I can walk today....thank goodness - cause I have to go to the freakin dentist to have a filling fixed!!

Have a healthy day bloggers!

PS: Big shout out to Tigerlilly who lost 5 lbs this week! Woohooo!!!!!!!

PPS: Fatmom - if you're still reading blogs.....I miss yours!


  1. Congrats on finishing! That is very awesome!

  2. Congratulations!!! I can imagine how wanderful you must have felt crossing that finish line!!

    Thanks for the shout out!! Whooohooo!!

    Have a great that possible?? LOL

  3. Thats awesome! Congrats on finishing... I"m so impressed! And I'd say you deserve a splurge for dinner :) Well done.

  4. SWEET! What a huge accomplishment! You should feel proud of yourself!

  5. NICELY DONE!!! I'm seriously in awe of you. I don't think I could walk or jog for that long unless a pack of wild dobermans was chasing me!

    Great job throughout! Sorry you had to give up the JC, but it sounds like you got the push you needed from it, so keep up the great work.

  6. What are you talking about not a stellar time? That's awesome! I'm just jealous that you had the motivation to even do it! I'm sure it felt great to have that under your belt.

  7. Hi,
    Cowgirl Warrior here from the 100 day challenge. We were in the same race, I came in at 3:17, this was my second half marathon. It was my slowest time so far but hey pretty proud that I finished.