Thursday, July 19, 2007

New Pedometer!

Husband took me pedometer shopping last night, just for something to do. He took me to the Tech Shop, instead of the Running Room. And I found the rockingist pedometer ever! And what a screaming deal. Only $35!

I bought a Walking Advantage Sportline. It measures distance, steps and calories. It flips between metric & imperial (important feature for Canadians my age who were raised when the country was switching systems - I like to know how many km I walked, but how many miles an hour I did it in - silly, eh?). Oh, and the best part is that it can flip up while I'm walking and the display turns upside down so I can read it without taking it off.

I'm quite excited to get out there today and try it. Of course, I tried setting the stride myself - I had it all done, and then I realized how off my math was (sheesh) so I think I have it set correctly now. I've driven my loop, so I know what the distance should read....if it's off by lots, I will have husband measure it out for me tonight. Since he is a surveyor, he is good with distance!

I stayed within my points yesterday. Ate 20 target pts, 2 flex. Exercised 4 pts that I didn't eat. That brings me to a net of 18 pts which is the lowest I should eat at my weight. Now I just have to do that again today.

Have a healthy day bloggers!


  1. have fun with the pedometer!

    And congrats on staying within your target points, yay!

  2. That sounds like a really cool pedometer. I hope you like it!