Thursday, July 12, 2007

Harry Potter....I love you!

No, I'm not in love with a 17 year old - just the movies!!!

I'm happy to report that the newest HP film is AWESOME! I loved it. Of course, there was tons that didn't make it to the big screen, but it was so well done. And I'm happy to report that Harry had his hair cut since the last movie.

The best part of the whole experience was that I ended up ordering the kiddie pack popcorn! An over-indulgence, to be sure, but not nearly as much as what I was going to order!

Didn't walk yesterday. My feet are sore and they needed a break. The source of my sore toes made itself evident yesterday - bruises showed up on both my big toes, under my nails. Guess it's official, my toes were jamming up against my shoes. :-(

Today I won't be doing an official walk since I'm going to the Rodeo at the Stampede today!!! That will require much walking, and with my sore feet......

So, my plan for eating today, since I will be surrounded by shit on the grounds, will be to find the healthiest option and failing finding one of those - to keep my calories down. I'm going to look up how much a hamburger is. I will have to keep up with my water intake because it is supposed to go up to 30 today!

So, my team name for the SparkPeople 12 week challenge is: The Skinnie Minnies. How funny! Does any one out there remember Skinny Minny Miller from the roller derby Like a million years ago? Anyhow, I was a huge fan of hers, so it seems fitting that I ended up on that team. The other team is...Fit an Fabulous? Something like that. Anyhow - seems like a fun bunch of gals. Should be good times!

Well bloggers - have a healthy, happy day!


  1. Glad to hear that the movie was good! I can't wait too see it !! :)

    Have fun at the Stampede, you should get lots of steps in! I've never been too the stampede but have always kinda wanted to go! ? Maybe next year!? ;)

  2. My team is gonna kick your teams booty! ;)

    P.S. Congrats on the NSV of sorts, getting the kiddie popcorn, good job!