Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Canada Day Weekend Wrap Up

Well, we had a nice weekend. I have to apologize for my lack of posts - husband has been ripping our cd's onto the computer - and so I haven't been able to get on. Especially to blog - since he hates that I do this. Sheesh

So, we went to the game Saturday night, and the friends that we invited along - the husband was in a BAD mood and they ended up kinda having an incident - he got mad at his wife and threw a beer can at her - which it turned out wasn't empty! Seriously!! I felt so bad for her. Had that happened to me - I would have left just because I would have been so mortified! Yikes!

Food wise - I did well. Alcohol wise....well - that wine was calling.....

I'm back on plan - no extras for me this week. I really want to loose 1.5 lbs this week. I've been doing my hourly walk every day. I really need to get going with the weights - but just haven't been able to work the nerves up to go into the gym....what is that about??? Frig!! I'm going to drag daughter up there with me this week to get over my hurdle. Maybe that will work.

So, this Sunday is my big walk. We are walking, then doing brunch, and then I think having a massage. Husband asked if I wanted him & daughter to come down to stand on the route at all. I said no, but am now thinking....that might be kinda nice. I have to think about that.

Anyone out there watching Big Love? Last night's episode was so good - I'm still thinking about it. Even husband thought it was good.

So, this week my guiltiest pleasure starts - Big Brother. I can't WAIT!!!!!

Have a healthy day bloggers!


  1. I used to be afraid of the gym too. Now, it's like a second home to me. Once you get over the hurdle, hopefully it will be easy. I love Big Love, but I haven't watched this week's episode yet.

  2. The wine has a tendency to call to me sometimes also, Luckily it has become a mute for quite awhile now.

    Good Luck on your walk, I'm sure you'll do great!

  3. I'm so excited for Big Brother to start!!! It is definitely my guilty pleasure for the summer!!

    Good for you for keeping up the walking...you are doing great and Im sure you'll see those 1.5 lbs come off in no time!

    Wine....oh the wine......it loves me...and I love it!