Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Wrap up from yesterday:

I did the strength training given to me by Sparkpeople, but did not do the bike - my headache was just too bad. I honestly don't know if I will survive spring.

On the eating front - I had a good day except for the butter I put on my 100 calorie popcorn! Big boo boo, but man, was it good - ha!


Today I have another busy day, but all on an activity front. I'm supposed to do cardio (walking), but I don't think I will because:

a) I have my session with my trainer to set up my weight program. I'm quite excited about this - I will let you all know tomorrow how it goes.

b) Synchro mom - my walking partner - called yesterday to see if I wanted to join a 5 pin bowling league with her and one of the other mom's that I'm doing the walk with. Even though I hate 5 pin (I'm a 10 pin-er through and through), I said yes because I think it will be a lot of fun socially - since I like both ladies so much. Plus, I was assured that it is just a fun spring league, so there will be pressure to actually knock any pins down. This league starts today at 1!

c) Tonight we have an extra belly dance practice in preparation for our show TOMORROW NIGHT!!!!!! I'm SO very nervous!!!! I will definitely be stopping at the bar after the performance for a great big glass of wine!

Well, I have to go figure out what the heck I'm going to serve for dinner tonight. Ugh.

Have a healthy day bloggers!!


  1. You are one busy woman...non stop!! and I can't wait to hear about your sesiion with the trainer, sounds interesting. Have fun at your belly dancing :)

  2. I just love those 100 cal snack bags! :)

    The hubby and I do 5 pin in the winter with a really fun league! I like it even though I'm not that great at it ;) At lest it gets us movin! Hope you have fun :)

  3. Good luck with everything! It'll all be great! Just take some deep breaths, and have fun!!! Sorry to hear about the headache! I'm with ya, sister!

  4. Oh my goodness...GOOD LUCK on your performance!!!! I'm sure you will do great!!