Thursday, April 26, 2007

30 Minute Workout

Good morning all!
Quick post today. Just wanted to pass on this article from Sparkpeople. It has several ideas for 30 minute workouts, for all levels. Thought you might find it interesting.

I have to go weigh in today because I am unable to attend my Saturday meeting. I will be honest. Weighing in early always freaks me out (but then, really, what doesn't?) and having done so much socializing with High School Buddy........well, whatever the outcome I guess I'm ready. I feel that overall I've had a good week and made better choices than I would have if I wasn't weighing in.

I will be away from blog land till Saturday or Sunday, so stay healthy bloggers!

PS: I will try to update my ticker though....well, at least I hope there is a reason to update my ticker! HAHAHA!!


  1. Good luck on the WI!!!!

  2. you will do fine at your weigh in don't worry, we'll miss ya until Sunday. Have a great day :)