Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Trainer Wrap Up

Well, I made it through yesterday.

1st: The meeting with the trainer. I am SO excited about the program she set up for me. It isn't too long. And it works every muscle in my body - I know this because I can hardly move today! We worked out for an hour, did two sets of everything. I think I'm really going to like it. I meet with her again in 6 weeks to tweak the program. She set it up for two times a week. I will do it again on Thursday.

2nd: The bowling team. I met the ladies on my new bowling team. Two of them I knew already (I go to WW with them, and they are former synchro moms) and two I didn't. Seems like a really nice group of women. They are all looking to have fun, and don't care about winning, so I think I will fit in just great. The best part was: I won $6 for bowling a strike in the first frame of the first game. Woohoo!!

3rd: We had our practice for belly dance. My daughter was at the club working out, so when she was done she came in to watch us so we could practice doing the dances in front of someone. I think we are as good as we are going to get. We will be able to practice for 30 minutes or so tonight before the show, so the routines will be fresh. My daughter thought we looked good, but told me to be sure that I smiled, and didn't count out loud! She also said to exaggerate my movements. I figure since she performs more than me (all those synchro competitions), I will take her advice.

So, today I have my stroke improvement class. I haven't taken a swimming class since I was 14. YIKES!!! I'm surprisingly nervous about this class. There will be all levels in the class. I just hope I don't make an ass out of myself.

Well, time for breakfast. I have a lot of stressing out to do before I perform, so I'd better get to it!!

Have a healthy day bloggers.


  1. Wow! The trainer sounds great. I have a question, how did you pick a trainer to work with? I'm thinking the only way I'm ever going to get over my fear of the gym is to have someone hold my hand for a couple of weeks and teach me what to do. Did you go through a process to find the right trainer for you?

  2. Fatinah you are an So many activities I can't keep up, great job with the personnal trainer and belly dancing and bowling and wimming whew! you must be burning all kinds of calories Great job!

  3. Things are going to be great, and I'm so excited for you!!! Awesome, just awesome!