Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The NSV called Entree Chicken Salad

Yesterday was a fun day. High School friend had the morning free, so we went for coffee, browsed at the mall, had a quick bite to eat. Oooo, that brings me to a wonderful NSV inspired by High School Friend.

We stopped quickly at the airport food court and went into Harvey's. This is my favourite hamburger joint. Bar none - hands down. My FAVOURITE!!! I didn't even look at the menu. She said what are you getting and I said, I guess the original hamburger. I had decided to forgo fries & onion rings (ha). She then orders an Entree Chicken Salad.

I'm shocked! Harvey's has salad????? I peek at hers. Hmmmm, it looked good. Nice quality chicken pieces. I order one. I get with it, two packets of fat free honey dijon dressing. I use both and dig in. Yowsers! This is tasty!!

I finally get home, get on the Harvey's website, get out my points finder and figure out that my salad was only 2 pts???? And each dressing only 1 pt?? YAY, YAY, YAY!!!

We watched Dancing with the Stars last night. I find that show so entertaining. My fav's are Joey & Ian. I'm ready for Heather or Billy Ray to go.

I did my weights yesterday late in the afternoon. I just cannot believe how much I sweat. It felt good to get it done. Today is my bowling day...so, I think a walk will be in order. I talked to my daughter this morning, and we are both going to start C25K on Thursday. I'm quite excited about this. I'm really the type that needs a buddy to do things.

Alright. That's all I have for today.

Have a healthy day bloggers!

PS: Tonight I start my course - I'M FREAKING OUT!!!


  1. Congrats on the NSV of turning down the hamburger. I know how hard that can sometimes.

    Although, I've noticed, since being on Weight Watchers, and watching what I eat, I do get rather sick when I do eat something like that. No Fun! Does this happen to you too? It's great motivation to NOT eat that way!

  2. Amazing salad at Harvey's who would have thought :) great job on the weights, have fun bowling and don't worry about your course, you'll do just fine :)