Monday, April 16, 2007

Proud Mom

I had a really rough weekend this weekend. I will start with the best moment:

My daughter & her synchro Team won at Provincials this weekend, for both their Team & Combo events. They just looked so beautiful out there, and they had a lovely swim.

The bad parts of my weekend were twofold. I'm am still plagued with headaches (Springtime out west and the large temperature swings), and so I was feeling quite ill most of the weekend. On top of that, I had really bad arguments with both husband & daughter. The husband conflict lasted the entire weekend, which is really unusual for us, and I just found it so draining. Add to that 5 hours of volunteer time as locker room monitor. I feel completely spent.

I have so much running around to do today that I needed to make a list. I'm leaving in 10 min to get started. Since today isn't a walking day, I will do a hill profile on the bike.

I am going to have a healthy eating day today.

Have a healthy day bloggers!

1 comment:

  1. poor you on the headaches, I had a major one last night too! I hope everything is better with the hubbie and daughter and that today is a new and fresh day, happy thoughts being sent your way :)
    have fun buring those calories by running around :)