Monday, April 23, 2007

Still on Program and Olive Oil

Well, I'm still OP. I'm just about out of flex points, mind you, but...that is why we have them, right? I had the best visit with my girlfriend and her family. We all went swimming and then to dinner. By the time we ate, I had only had 1 small banana and 1 tbsp peanut butter the entire day. I know you all know where this is going....But you know, I'm still really proud of myself, because I did not eat more points than I had, I really enjoyed my day, and I didn't freak myself out and binge the next day. This is a huge win for me bloggers.

Now, I know that someone out there is thinking of the Shangri-La Diet, but I can't for the life of me remember who it was. Here is a link you may want to read. This gal is doing something similar (The Olive Oil Diet?), and is really happy with how it is making her feel (

I wonder, for those of us on WW, if taking our 2 oils per day in the same fashion would help with satiety? I find that, while we are rewarded for making veggie choices (in that they are 0 pts), I don't really feel satisfied. Full, yes, but.....

So, after I drop daughter at school, I go meet high school buddy again for the morning. Then, I drop her at her hotel and I need to fit in some exercise. If I have the time, I will do weights. If not, I will do C25K, which I have to start over. If I don't do the weights today, I will do them tomorrow before bowling.

Me & Synchro mom were in the pool for 30 minutes, practicing our strokes. I'm still going strong with the flutter board. I did do two lengths without, but panicked 1/2 through. Lots of work to do, but it was fun just to have the break in the middle of the day, plus it wasn't a really long time away from the family.

I start my German class tomorrow night and I'm freaking out!!! Husband just shakes his head, but he doesn't understand how scary it is after all this time.

Well, I must away!

Have a healthy day bloggers!


  1. Always the busy bee! I find that if I don't get my olive oil in I am not as full or just hurts to spend the 2 points on it :( Have a great day and amazing on staying in your points, way to go :)

  2. I love using the olive oil but its so many pts for so little I almost find its not worth it:)

  3. You are so busy!!!
    Keep up the great work.
    As for the olive oil...I have basically cut it out of my diet....the points are SO high for such a small amount of oil. I stay away from it if i can.
    Keep up the great job with the swimming too...I'm sure you are getting in a great workout!