Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I get e-mails from Sparkpeople that have articles pertaining to weight loss. Today's was particularly good. Below is the link, if you would like to give it a read. It really hit home for where I am now.

I had a good day yesterday. I tracked everything I ate. After being on holidays, I really need to find my routine again. Has anyone seen it? I didn't workout, since I had the worst headache for most of the day. I'm going to book a massage today and then do my walking on the treadmill.

Which reminds me of one of the other article I read from Sparkpeople. It was about not making the most out of your gym workout, and how when you're using the treadmill, bike or elliptical, you should always have an incline or resistance. Often I don't. I'm going to start.

I bought the latest Shape magazine. I'm not done going through it yet. It takes me a long time to go through them. Each time I flip through, I read something different. Anyhow, what I buy the mag for is the success stories. I love reading them. I wish they would put more of them in.

When we decide to make a big change, we all have a picture of what things will be like after that change. At WW they tell you to visualize your goal. Anyhow, what I think about as my "end" is a success article. Seriously. So, imagine how excited I was (not really, but I'm trying to turn a frown upside down, so work with me here) when husband took a picture of me walking along the beach this vacation. I HAVE MY BEFORE PICTURE! I'm actually going to print the picture and put it where I can see it.

I'm making an appt. with my trainer from my weight training class to set up a program for me. Since I'm done my class, I haven't been using weights. I can really feel a difference. I swear, I can feel my bones shrinking! ;-)

In any case, I'm one of those people who needs to track things. So the idea of going to the gym and just picking up the weights without a "plan" is inconceivable to me. I'm going to get trainer to set the program up using the machines. Our gym just replaced every weight machine at Christmas - it is all state of the art. Plus, I will be very intimidated, and it feels less "out in the open" if there is a machine beside you. Silly? Yes, but I am who I am.

Ok. You've been reading long enough. Go move! HA!!

Have a healthy day bloggers!


  1. Congrats on getting the before pic.

  2. Hey Fatinah,

    It's me, Michelle - here's my new personal blog addy:

    I love SparkPeople too! I haven't logged in forever, but get their daily emails!

    Take care!

  3. great article, your blog is always so informative, I love it. It is always a little hard to get back into the routine of things after the holidays but it looks like you have no problem, way to get refocused, congrats :)

  4. Good plan on getting a trainer from the gym. They will show you how to workout efficiently and you'll definitely notice a difference once weights are back in the rotation.
    I think EVERYONE should have a before picture, nothing motivates me more than looking back at old pictures when I had 60 lbs on me!!
    Good luck and keep up the great work!

  5. Great article and I love sparkpeople and getting the articles daily as well!

  6. thanks for your encourgement, your kind words always help :)