Friday, April 13, 2007

Blog reading DOES = success....

Just a quick update.

I went and bought my book, found my class. I was completely freaked out, feeling old while all of the young kids around me were celebrating the last day of classes. It was 10:30 in the morning, and most were already quite drunk. Anyhow, I was feeling the stress, and I made my way to the food court.

I'm an emotional eater. Always have been. Likely always will be. I had EVERY intention of getting a meal, even though I had just had an apple and it was the middle of the morning.

I was picking out where to have my meal, when Christina popped into my head (her blog is: ). She had a falling off the wagon incident. I had, until that moment, been using the fact that I had a dinner out tonight as an excuse to indulge (you know the whole, well, if I'm going to blow it anyhow...). Of course, that wasn't the reason. The reason I wanted to eat was because I was feeling stress about taking a class. But, I thought about Christina, and how she was getting back on her healthy eating wagon and I'm happy to say that instead of getting pizza, I got myself an X-Large Tim's - one and one. Calories used? Yes, but better than a pizza. This will give me more calories for tonight.

So, thanks Christina - reading your blog today positively impacted my personal journey.


  1. I'm glad you were able to use someone else's words to help you! What on earth is an X-Large Tim's one and one? We don't have those here!

  2. ohhh I am so glad it made a difference, Fatinah you are an amazing person. I know those feelings all to well, I am eating out tonight anyway so what the hell, I am so glad that we could help each other out. Funny that before going to bed last night I re read my comments of support and you said you were sending prayers my way and I thought, she really did because they worked. Thank you and glad I could be there for you too :)