Thursday, March 20, 2008

No Title for today's post.

So, Fatmom wondered how much weight I had lost between my Mexico picture and my getting ready for Jamaica picture. Or was I just toned? She guessed it. Only around 3 or 4 lbs difference. This go around I have the personal trainer once a week. If anyone is even toying with getting a personal trainer, it is $$ well spent. When I think of all the dough I've spent over the years on diet related stuff, I could have had a trainer twice a week!

Now, I know that a trainer can be a drain on the family finances, and that is why I have added the weight training program from the Kim Lyon's book to my fitness regime. My trainer looked it over, and she thought it was quite sound. Book is only $18. I'm not trying to sell more of her books, but I can't believe how empowered I feel doing weights on my own. Those of you who have been reading for a while know how much I hate weight training. Hate it, hate it, hate it. Kim's program only takes around 1/2 hour. If I can sit in a dentist's chair for 1/2 hour, I can do this. And I do. Adding weights to my routine has really re-shaped my body. I still have much work to do, but I really feel like I'm on my way.

So, Biggest Loser talk. We watched this week's episode, and husband wondered why Mark was still trying to loose weight. He is a man, 5'10, and weighs 185. Husband thought it was nuts that someone on the show hadn't told him he was done. I wondered about Ali. She is 5'5 and now 150. I guess neither of them is down at the bottom of the weight scale, but it made for some fun conversation. I wonder if the show prepares the contestants for maintenance? We've all lost and gained the same weight, and so we all know that maintenance is really the larger challenge.

Hmm, not much on the agenda today. Last minute running around, personal trainer, tanning and waxing (ow!), panic about flying should set in pretty quick. Especially since my friend's tire blew on takeoff last week! Oh, and I have to figure out what to make for supper, using what little bit go groceries I have. I don't want to buy too much. And I need to make it healthy. Yikes. Maybe I should just pull a million dollars out of my butt while I'm at it.

Well bloggers - today is the first day of Spring - be sure to get out and enjoy it!


  1. I don't like Mark, nor his brother, but when seeing Mark in the fashion show, i do admit, he looks wonderfully, and doesn't really need to lose anymore. But I guess they have to keep losing in order to be the BL? It would be interesting to see how they approach maintenance with the contestants, cause as you said, I think it's the bigger challenge!

  2. You're one funny gal, FATINAH! You do look fab...great plug for a trainer...maybe I should look into it as well. When do you leave for your big trip? Don't worry about the plane...just put on your iPod and enjoy!

  3. I'm proud of you for doing wieghts by yourself. Its liberating isn't it?

    I'm totally shocked that Mark and Ali are still in. They look healthy at their weight now... how could they possibley lose more for the finale?? Poor Britney.. I was sad that she got kicked out. What a beauty she turned into.

    I wish I had the cash for a trainer, but then again I spend the money on 'at home workouts' like P90X~~ hahahaha

  4. How exciting! Now I've got the travel bug!

    I wish I could quit being so lazy. I have great books and videos and some really all right equipment...but I just can't be bothered to work out. Why? I hope you rub off on me pretty soon. It's always so inspiring to come and visit you!

    I'm with you on Mark & Ali. Ali looks great, and Mark is just annoying. But remember how tiny that lady got last year? Maybe they're trying to get Ali that little. I think they're rigging the game for a girl winner. What do you think?