Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday and Sadness

To those who celebrate - happy Easter. I find Easter such a sad holiday, and this morning my sadness set in. I'm pretty sure I've told you all this before, but I grew up with my grandmother. She always made a big deal about Easter. This makes me miss her all the more at this time of year. Plus, I'm kinda bummed about missing out on the lovely ham dinner I would have cooked with all my yummy WW recipes. Mostly I'm sad because while I'm excited about our trip, the holiday itself has taken a back seat. After all, Easter is what makes Christmas important. Here's hoping that this holiday will pass without significant additional bloodshed in the Middle East.

Our agenda today is to pack, pack, pack. We are going to take puppy for a nice walk before he goes to visit with his Aunt & Uncle. I'm going to miss that little gaffer. My mom & her husband are coming over tonight for a quick visit before we go. They will spend the night so we can get a lift to the airport in the morning.

So, this will be my last post until likely next Sunday. Even if I do have computer access, I think I will use my vacation time to concentrate on family time. I will commit right now though to not use the vacay as an excuse to go crazy. I am taking my weight program sheets and plan on continuing with my cardio. I wonder how humid Jamaica is? I'm hoping that having to spend 8+ hours a day in a swim suit will give me the motivation I need to do it ;-)

So ladies - you all stay on track so that one of two things will happen:

a) I too will have been on track and we will have high fives all around
b) I will not have been on track and I will need all your hard work to motivate me to get back at it.

Either way, I will be counting on you all - so don't let me down!!

Stay healthy bloggers!!


  1. Sorry to hear you're a little down...Christmas does that to me, for the same reasons... BUT, have a wonderful time in Jamaica!! You so deserve some fun in the sun, girl!!! Be safe, and we'll "see" you when you get back!

  2. So did you watch BL last night? What did you think?

  3. Anonymous10:50 AM

    I hope you have a fun and safe trip!!!!

  4. Fatinah, I'm stopping by to say hi. Since I've been doing WW, I'm hardly ever on the sparkpeople website & I've been so bad at updating my weight for the challenge. Anyway, Jamaica- Wow! How fun. I hope you soak it all in & enjoy.

  5. GAK! FATINAH, when do you come back? I miiiisssss you, and can't wait to hear about your trip. Ok, ok, I'm done being self centered...