Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Biggest Loser Tuesday!

OK friends. I'm over my tantrum. I've mopped, pouted, stamped, whined, complained and let it go.

I'm so excited about Biggest Loser tonight. I'm enjoying this installment. Even though they call it couples when it is really pairs....ok, that still bugs me!!

I have salsa tonight. Husband & I have missed a few weeks, but not to worry - he assures me that his mouth and eye movements are ready to go!!

Today I had an extra session with personal trainer because I missed last Thursday. It was hard but fun. Then I did 30 minutes on the elliptical. Fun times. I'm still glowing!!

Did I tell you guys my elliptical story from when I was watching "Taking It Off" on the Slice channel? The trainer Paul something or other said that ellipticals were exercise machines for fat people? Apparently all they do is burn calories.....I still don't know why that is wrong!

What else....oh, I'm making black bean soup right now in my slow cooker. New recipe. It is smelling pretty good.

I have a guilty pleasure to tell you all about. Now, I KNOW that this isn't good for me, BUT...in an effort to get over the whole .5 inch thing......

I purchased tanning minutes to get ready for my trip coming up.

Yes, that's right. Daughter & I are going tanning. Just this once. I needed a pick me up. Plus, when I put my picture up of me in my new suit, you guys won't be scared by the bleached white gal!!

Have a healthy day bloggers!!


  1. I know there is a Canadian show called X weighted and there is a trainer on it named Paul. (same guy maybe?) I remember an episode where he says Ellipticals are bad but I never quite got why he thought they were bad. Maybe he meant they were bad because most people never do them at a high intensity. I think if you are burning calories then thats good. You just are not going to get strong leg muscles and build up your heart and lungs by always doing it 'easy'.

  2. Nothing wrong with Tanning. I am not a regular tanner myself, but when I am getting ready to go on vacay or something, I do. Go you!

    BL kinda peeves me too....so not couples.

  3. Ha! Hubby is having to go to the tanning salon to help his Psoriasis!! Believe it or not, it cleared it up completely.. plus he is looking like a beach hunk!!

    I was standing next to him in the bathroom last night and I looked sickly next to him, so I am going to start going with him!! So there are a million things they say are bad for you... hey... you only live once!