Friday, March 07, 2008

Bathing Suit Shopping Recap

Oh, what a night!

I hate shopping at the best of times. What I hate most is bathing suit shopping.

Last night however....not so much! I tried on one suit (well, one bottom and 3 tops) and walked out with one bottom and 2 tops! And you know what? I feel ok in it. I think it makes the most of what I have. Believe it or not, it got me back on track. My head is back into the game. Weird, eh?????

Daughter got a suit that looks great on her and is very age appropriate. I was very proud of her choice.

We ended up finding a store that was having a big sale and I ended up with five new tops and a new dress. Daughter got three tops and a new dress.

Hmmmm, having a good day today. Had to curl, which was hard because it is so nice outside. Took dog for a walk. He was enjoying the nice weather. Now he's flaked out on the couch. Oh, what a life!

Well, bloggers, have a healthy day!!


  1. Ohhhhh, look at you!! A bikini?! Wow, you're awesome!!!!

  2. Wow nice shopping trip! Got any pics - I'd love to see what you picked out!

  3. Yay! How fun! You inspired me last time to go bathing suit shopping. All my suits have skirts, which I love the look of, but they are not conducive to aqua aerobics, so I got a new one with no skirt and some board shorts. Thanks for the inspiration, and hurray for the awesome shopping trip!

  4. Bathing suit shopping isn't my fav either. You are lucky to have so luck right away. I tried on 3- 2 week ago and had no luck.