Monday, November 19, 2007

Still on Track after the Weekend!

I made it through the weekend on program. I have used all my flex points and activity points, but I'm still OP.

I actually attended a WW meeting on Saturday. Even though the leader sucks - I still left feeling re-charged. Those meetings are so important to my personal success. I had a great visit with my girlfriend while we were waiting for the meeting to start. The topic of the week was Lifestyle - in that WW is not a diet. It doesn't have an "end". It is for always and forever. I need to be reminded of that. I always think there is an end. But that is why I gain and loose the same 10 lbs.

Husband & I took the puppy on a 6k hike yesterday. He was so tired after - it was funny. He is such a barker though - it can be stressful. In any case, it was a good walk on the hill which provided some good challenge, and I burned over 600 calories.

Daughter passed her Bronze Cross class last night. We were so proud of her. She is now eligible to take the assistant teacher course. And one step closer to being a life guard.

I had my run today with my friend J. We totally rocked it. Our pace was greatly improved, even though I had to walk twice. My new shoes were a dream. It was really cold when we started because the wind was in our face, but by the time we were on our way back it was nice. I made sure to stretch.

Well bloggers, hope you're all having a healthy day!


  1. Great job this weekend! That is really awesome. Keep it up!

  2. I haven't stopped by in ages and thought I'd say Hi! It's hard to remember that this doesn't 'end' hey? I wish it did. Wish we could go all out, ditch the weight, then forget about for the rest of our lives. *sigh* Oh well. If having to go for lovely hikes and eat healthy food is the toughest thing in our lives I think we're doing OK. (I need to make a sign on my fridge that says that!)

  3. I always remind myself not to say I'm on a 'diet'.. because I'm not.. I'm learning to live healthy! I think that is where we have all failed in the past...

    Our weather has been beautiful lately and hiking is definitley something we should be taking advantage of doing now.. before the snow falls and we are trapped inside for years! LOL.. okay, months.. but still.. I'm glad to hear you are getting out there.

    Have a great day!!