Thursday, November 01, 2007

Ho Hum....

That is how I'm feeling about blogging lately. Blech!!

So, what have I been up to? Well, still running 5.6k with "J" Mondays & Fridays. We have signed up to do a 5k run on Dec 1. Yay!! Still doing my running room clinic, which is going well all things considered. I just got back from meeting with my personal trainer. All upper body again, just a sprinkle of lower body work. I should be completely unable to lift my arms tomorrow - she pushed me so hard. In an odd way it was fun.

So, I've been loosing minuscule amounts of weight - which is good - but I'm part of a challenge on sparkpeople that is getting me a bit down. I a co-leader, which I am so excited about, and I'm having trouble getting people to report in. I think if they gain, they stay away, and we all know that is when you need to report in more than ever. Any ideas on how I can convince people to do it???

What else. Oh, my daughter tricked me into letting her go halloweening (we don't celebrate this) and now I have an obscene amount of candy in my house. Here is a picture of what she brought in. Little monkey!!

I'm off to not think about the candy and chips. You all have a healthy day!!


  1. Good for you for signing up for a 5k! What a great motivator!

    I have the same problem with my Christmas Challenge occasionally. It's hard to get people to report in on time sometimes but I just put them in for 0 if they don't report. They usually get back to me throughout the week even if it is a few days late.

    Halloween candy is evil!! I'm glad I don't have any kiddos bringing any home!

  2. You are so right... why do we think we are punishing our kids and spouses when we make them eat healthy?? I do make my kids eat what I eat for dinner.. but lunch is usually what they hotdogs, mac n cheese, pb&j.. which isn't too bad when I make them with fat free and all natural foods. I guess I havent thrown the candy away because I feel like that would be robbing my kids of treats. I never buy candy .. mostly because I dont want it in the house.. so this one time a year that they can have it is kind of a treat.... but as I am writing this I am seriously thinking of just tossing it all... hmmmmm..