Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Outside my comfort zone

I spent the entire morning up at my club today. I had to get out of the house, because the cleaning lady was coming, so I dropped daughter off, then went up to the club for breakfast. Then I watched some curling finals of a spiel that was going on while I drank my coffee.

Then I...wait for it.....went up to the gym. I did 45 minutes on the treadmill (5.4k) of running 10:1's. I have been so intimidated to just go and work out. I go up to meet with the personal trainer, but to just go in.....Anyhow - I DID IT!!!! And it was packed - I got the last treadmill. I ran so hard that my face was beet red. I was really, really proud. Then I ran into ladies I know, so I sat and had coffee with them. One of them asked if I was going to eat. Normally I would just say yes, out of habit, but I realised I wasn't hungry so I said....NO.....look at this - personal growth all over the place!!


  1. Anonymous11:20 PM

    Look at you...Self Control Girl!

  2. Look at you go! Some NSV's there!