Thursday, November 08, 2007

130'ish days.....

till I have to put on a bathing suit on my spring vacay. I need to loose 1.9 lbs a week. I didn't go to WW yesterday with my friend, since the meeting was in the middle of my massage, but my girlfriend picked up a 3 month journal for me. I used it yesterday. I will use it today. I will use it tomorrow.

I thought long and hard yesterday while I was wallowing in self-pity. I have been exercising like friggen crazy. Totally wasting my time because I haven't been eating properly. I had a nutritionist tell me 2 weeks ago that healthy weight is from 20% exercise, 80% diet. And yet.....In the end, it comes down to laziness. If I can get off my butt to run as much as I have been, if I can spend $$ on a personal trainer every week, if I can curl and go to yoga once a week, surely, surely, surely I can make nice meals for me AND my family so that we all stay on track.

Here we go again.

In other news, I took the dog for a nice walk yesterday. He is getting really good at walking. Now that he is healed from being fixed, I think next week I will start taking him on short runs. I haven't been to a running room clinic since my cousin has been away. I will be glad when the clinic is over. I really don't like the way it is run, and I won't be signing up for anymore.

My massage dude told me yesterday that my right hip was so tight - he couldn't believe it. I noticed when I was changing that my club is holding 30 minute yoga sessions for $10 each. They are all specific - backs, chair work, necks...and....hip openers. I'm going to go on and see if there is still room in that one. Sounds like I need it!

Have a healthy day bloggers. Today I will be working with personal trainer and running. Wooohooooo!!

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  1. That was always my problem.. I would exorcise my butt off but not lose a lb because I was eating double what I should have been. I really do think that the reason I have 'finally' been successful at losing weight is because I have completely changed my way of thinking about food. If you drove a Ferrari would you put regular unleaded in it.. uh-uh.. you would buy the most expensive and clean gas you could find... start thinking of your body as a Ferrari (or your car of choice) and think about the kind of gas you want it to burn!

    You are doing awesome at doing your workouts.. once you get everything in sync you will drop weight like crazy!!

    By the way, I loved your 7 Things About You!!