Friday, November 02, 2007


Could have called this one "Ho'er, Hum'er".

Noticed when I was commenting on Tigerlilly's blog that I was really talking to myself. I am struggling with having all this candy in the house. I shouldn't have to deal with this. And like Tigerlilly, I feel guilty taking the crap away from my daughter...even though it is ludicrous to let her eat all that. Ugh. Plus I'm grumpy that my husband munches away and doesn't gain.

Ran today with "J". 5.6k. We beat our time from last go (Monday) by just over 2 minutes. Woohoo! Have to remember to turn the clock back this weekend or I will be way too early for my running room clinic on Sunday!

I curl tonight. I'm only looking forward to it because of the drinks after. Is it wrong to think that, or just to admit it????

Well, I'm off to snack on an apple. What I really want is a bag of mini Doritos...... I'm sure the apple will be equally if not more satisfying. F*ck.

Have a healthy day!


  1. Our house is full of "goodies" right now, but it will be thru the holidays. I just have to resist.

  2. Not having kiddies keeps the goodies away, so I'm kinda lucky there. Halloween hasn't been too big a deal for me this year. (Although normally we buy candy for our friends. Just never got around to it this time.)

    As for your previous post, I have no clue how to get everyone to post each week. Other than posting a gain ourselves, which we obviously don't want to do! Maybe send them a reminder message a couple of days early if you aren't doing that already???

  3. Goodies are the devil. I've ridded the house of halloween candy and bought some dum-dum's It's amazing those things kill my candy craving, and they are 3 for a point!

  4. Halloween is Evil! All that candy lying around. I don't know how you do it! Stay Strong!!