Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Plugging along

I'm still plodding along. Last week ended with my running buddy "J" cancelling our run. So, just to re-cap - cousin, friend "A" and friend "J" all cancelled. Urgh!

New week though. Yesterday "J" kinda sounded like she wanted to cancel, but I must have made it hard enough because she didn't - we just met 1.5 hours earlier. It was -25 degrees with the wind chill. That worked in our favour, because it made us run fast, and we had our fastest run to date. 5.6k in 41 minutes (that is running 10 minutes and walking 1). I was really pleased. I have to go buy some lined pants though - my upper legs were burning so much I almost cried!

Today is gym with daughter in the evening. I will do some weights and maybe a short run on treadmill.

Food - is requiring some tweaking....starting right now. I've had a pattern for the past few days. Write down the first one or two things and then nothing.....tsk, tsk.

Anyone watch Battlestar Galactica Razor this weekend? It was SO good. I can't wait for the season I'm missing to come out on DVD - I don't know what the hold up is.....

Have a healthy day bloggers!!

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  1. Wow! You are doing great on the exercise front. Keep up the good work.