Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Ugh. I have been sitting here all morning trying to figure out how to motivate myself. I feel like I've reached the end of my rope - but I'm still hanging on. I don't seem to be able to exercise and keep my diet under control at the same time.

My girlfriend figured out that we had run over 60k since we had been training and burned over 3900 calories. And I think I gained a couple of lbs this week.

I just don't understand why I can't commit. Hmm. Will have to give this much thought. In the meantime my other girlfriend has asked me if I want to go to Weight Watchers tomorrow. I haven't answered her yet.

In other news.....my puppy has gained 1kg since his operation one week ago! He has my metabolism - I also gain weight when recouping!! HA!

Well, I'd better get tidying up - my husband has a co-worker spending the night - he is in town for a business meeting and couldn't find a hotel!

Have a healthy day!


  1. 60k is so impressive! I'm proud of you! Sorry about the gain, but you are doing the right thing with the running. I have gained back 10 lbs of the 25 that I originally lost. Boo! But I'm back on it. And you will be too.

    Thanks for the comments on my food. I wish I could share it with you since my hubby and son don't like my cooking. :(

  2. I find that motivation usually comes and hits me out of nowhere. Just when I need it the most so hopefully yours is on it's way!!

    Congrats on the great stats with running!!!

  3. WOW. 60K. That's amazing! Sorry the hear about the gain this week, but we all have them occassionally.
    Like Carolyn, my motivation comes out of nowhere a lot too. Hopefully yours will come around soon.

  4. Wow! 60k is totally something to be proud of! It sounds to me like you're committed, even if it doesn't feel that way all the time.

  5. 60K is absolutely amazing! I wonder how much my trips to the refrigerator and back would be if I ran? ha ha

    As Carolyn said, I usually find my motivation hits be out of no where, when I am least expecting it. I'm sure yours is sneaking up on you right now!

  6. Tag your it, if you would like to play