Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pole Dancing Class #2

I met last night's class with the greatest feeling of dread that I think I've EVER experienced. I seriously considered turning around a million times while I was driving there. Got inside the room and it all went away. I had a great time. My girlfriend is still struggling with the performance at the end of class.

What has been happening is, since we get to class first, our names go on the list first, which means we get called to the pole first. And that means that we have 30 minutes between the time we go through the routine to when we have to "perform" for the other half of the class.

Now - I don't know how many of you have learned any kind of choreographies, but I found that it takes a while to train your brain to remember. I'm having an easier time from having learned so many belly dance routines. Girlfriend though - well, this is the first time she's had to do this and it is stressing her out! And it is a shame, because she can do all the moves. I tried to tell her that she is performing in front of 3 other women who are also just beginning. It is a safe place. She's not buying it though!!

What was fun was we learned what they call a Fireman Spin. Not hard, but man, I'm really good at it! So good in fact that I was quite dizzy and nauseous by the end of class! HAHA

Girlfriend & I mozied over to Chili's after class for a nice glass of wine and some chips and salsa. I ate most of them. They were SUPER salty in the way that only Chili's chips can be and girlfriend didn't like it. I, on the other hand, was ALL over that!! I had to points, so it was a really nice treat.

Yesterdays run was good. What a nice day. Didn't stretch after - honestly forgot - and today my knees are reminding me of why I need to stretch!

Having mom & her husband for dinner tonight. Making mini pizza's with left over honey garlic sausage & salad. Should be tasty and COUNTABLE - what a great combo!!

Oh, milestone in the Fatinah household today. Two of them actually. Milestone #1 is that I'm celebrating 22 years of living out West. I can't believe it. That's a long time! Milestone #2 is that I'm letting my daughter to go a party tonight. She has been to friend's places where there has been a small gathering of friends, but tonight she is going to an actual party at someone's house. I'm completely panicked and beside myself scared..... but she turns 17 next month and both she and husband have reminded me that I have to let her grow up. Sigh. Why do I have to do that?????

Not much on the agenda today exercise wise. Just a walk with the pup. My feet are killing me - and I need a rest day.

Oh, I wanted to share the dance we are learning for our intermediate belly dance class. The link will take you to my teacher's dance troup performing the dance (with some minor changes made for our class version). My teacher starts the dance right in the middle. It's quite a cute dance, I think. Some day I will post me doing it..... if I can ever get daughter to video me!!


  1. The pole dancing sounds fun, but a bit intimidating. I bet it does wonders for the self esteem though. daughter is only 4, but I'm already dreading those teenage years. Hope your daughter has fun and that your not up super late worrying. :)

  2. Firstly: I have always been a chicken to try pole dancing, but I "may" gather up the courage to "some day"!

    Secondly: I yearn for the days of becoming a mom but I would right along there WITH YOU! Moms NEVER stop worrying do they?!

    Thirdly: THANK YOU from the BOTTOM of my heart for supporting me all of this time. I sincerely appreciate it ;-)

  3. Are men allowed to take the pole dancing class? I'm guessing no, lol.

  4. You are a superstar! I love that you are sticking with it...I feel for your friend, but hopefully this experience will be good overall!

  5. I've wanted to take a pole dancing class but performing in front of people would freak me out too much. Just crossed that off my list!

    Good for you though. I'm impressed. Probably really good exercise too.

  6. Wow! The pole dancing class sounds really scary (the part where you have to perform at the end) but so much fun (for every other part)!! I would love to get the courage to do something like that! I would also like to try pole dancing- it always helps to have a friend do these things with you, I think.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog, I totally agree with you about upping the resistance... I have been doing that but not consistently- I'll add that to my goals! Thanks! :)

  7. I am so uncoordinated that I can't imagine doing either pole or belly dancing...I so admire you for doing it.

    Thank you for your nice comment on my blog, I sometimes get into a real pity party, and your comment helped me get a grip. :)

  8. Dear Daughter,


    We need to motivation to get our own d*mn selves out there and living outside the box.



  9. Pole dancing and belly dancing! Both are on my list to do "someday"

    I have a 17 year old boy - they grow up sooo fast. He's supposed to still be my little one, but now he's got a girlfriend and is so grown up.

  10. I LOVE the Fireman spin. Have they taught you this one "Pole Dancing for Fitness: The Crouch Spin Move" (youtube it)? It's my specialty at class... its actually easier if you just slide your upper hand down to the bottom rather than removing it comepletely. Check it out!