Thursday, October 15, 2009

Up @ an unGodly hour!!

Oy! Daughter had to open the pool up @ our Club where she works part time today. She is just covering someone's shift. All of this meant that I was up @ 5:00 so that she could be there on time. I'm way to old for this kind of shift work! haha! The good part of this story is that.... I was 2nd in line when Tim's opened!

So Belly Dance last night. Wow. It was really hard. We are now up to 2:00 into the choreography, but she went FAST. It was actually almost frustrating. We kept asking her to break the count down for us for this one move where she kept saying that we needed to do 2 full figure 8's out then round out to 2 full figure 8's in. But every time we ran through the dance, her count would change. We asked her to do it without music, just with count, and she kept saying, but it's faster. Well, once the music is on, you adjust to the beat of it. But we need to know the counts. URGH!!! I wasn't the only one frustrated.

So, meeting today. In 3 hours. YIKES!!!!

Not much else on the agenda. Strength training with bands.... belly dance again.... maybe a walk with the pup. I'm hesitant because it's booty time again for him and he doesn't like them! But the snow gets so stuck in his fur.... and the little bugger kicks them off! Funny the first time..... not so funny after 5 times when I've only made it two blocks down the drive!! Good thing he's SO cute. See gratuitous picture of cute puppy below:

What a face!!

On that note - have a healthy day bloggers!!!


  1. Anonymous12:32 PM

    I love gratuitous pictures of cute puppies :)

  2. That is a cute puppy. I can't believe you have snow already. Wow.

  3. Anonymous9:19 AM

    Love the cute puppy picture!! Glad you are well...been reading your blog it! Wanted to mention I've been going to WW (with your advice!!) since the 1st. 5+ pounds G-O-N-E! Going well...Thanks again for your thoughts about WW.

    -FatMom (Michelle)

  4. Such a cute doggie! Nice mom you are helping daughter get to her job at such an early hour. I think it is great that she has a job. Kids need jobs to learn a lot of different things. It seems some parents don't let their kids do that these days so good for you!