Friday, October 09, 2009

Friday - time to take a breath!

What a week!

I worked - like many do - but boy am I out of a routine. I felt like I was rushing all the time. Daughter of course, works with her personal trainer Mondays before school. All 3 of us were up at the gym to work out before 6:30 am!! Tuesday was a mad rush after work to pick daughter up from work right after work and then off to Alpha course at the Church. Wednesday rush after work to club to run, home to make dinner, back to club to Belly Dance. Thursday rush after work to make dinner then off to club to Belly Dance. Oy - I hadn't realized how much we did in the evenings until I was busy during the day also! Of course, daughter was working after school every day, doing a swim fit class and husband was working out and curling all speckled in there. Yeesh!

The good news is that work went great. Remembered everything I needed to remember and got my work done in a really timely manner. I also managed to pick up some more contract work for the end of the month. I'm quite happy about that.

Today I was supposed to curl, but there was a death of a Club member and so many people from my curling league are friends with him and his surviving wife that most of the league will be at his funeral this morning. This is the fellow that I had been receiving e-mail updates about. So sad.

I am going to buy new running shoes today. I need them BADLY. I can't wait!! I have a run scheduled today. But not before I get new shoes!

Oh, bloggers! This has been a week of good news. First I get the extra contract work for the end of the month (and it should go on for 3 month ends - fingers crossed), then my sister in Ottawa calls - wondering if she (and her son) can come for Thanksgiving. Um.... YES!!!! How wonderful is that?? It would be perfect of course if her husband could come also, but he has to work and I am grateful for as many of them as I can have visit. We are going to have the very best Thanksgiving because I also have an Aunt in town from New Brunswick. Yay!! Then, if that wasn't enough, husband received some excellent news from his business that I can't talk about - but dudes - some huge pressure lifted. We have been very blessed this week.

Food front...... um...... well, I've written it all down. I have a plan in place though for the end of the month so that I can continue on my path of healthy eating. I will be shopping using a weekly plan and grocery list for the Healthy Eating for the Rushed cook book. This will provide me with healthy FAST meals in the evenings and awesome left overs for lunches the next day.

Hmm. Not much else to report. I'm way behind on my blog reading. I will endeavour to catch up this morning as I have been missing you all very much. I have my favourites and I can't wait to read how you're all doing!!

Have a healthy day!


  1. Things must be looking up around here. My contract was supposed to end in December. My boss said things like: "If you want to look for another job before then I understand" but yesterday she told me she was going to keep me past December. Yay!

    Sorry to hear about the death of the curling fellow. That's sad. Nice the the widow has support though.

    Enjoy TG with your family. Sounds like fun!

  2. It is tough getting into new routine...I like the idea of the cookbook for the rushed!

    Our problem is we now have overextended ourselves with weekly and monthly plans with friends and family. Last week we were home ONE night. ONE. And we have plans every night until Tuesday. yikes.