Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Working Today!

Quick post 'cause I'm running off to work! I have to go in for a meeting to train someone on something. For the 5th time. Apparently I'm a rocket scientist and this task is just so complicated that no one can do it..... NOT. More like it is so simple no one WANTS to do it. And so here I go again!! Hopefully for the last time. Not working - just performing this exact same task!!

So people - guess what I did yesterday? I SIGNED UP FOR A POLE EXERCISE CLASS!!!! I actually start on Friday. Yep. 2 FREAKIN days from now!!! I'm nervous and excited all at the same time! I'm going with my girlfriend, who, I KNOW wanted to chicken out - but I wouldn't let her. We both need to step outside our comfort zones - and this is a great way to do it. Husband is VERY excited about the class!! HAHA

Gotta run. Oh, that reminds me - going to club immediately after work for my run. Have my bag packed and ready to go!!

Have a healthy day!!


  1. A friend of mine takes a pole dancing class and LOVES it. Said it helped to boost her confidence and it is fun! Can't go wrong!

  2. I wish we had that class available here...I would sorta love it because I think I have an inner skank that wants to come out.

    (Not that you have to have one to enjoy the class...don't mean that at all.)

  3. Anonymous7:14 PM

    We definitely need a report on this one! Demi Moore, look out! (Remember that movie Striptease?)

  4. Anonymous7:15 PM

    Holy crap... I kid you not... my security word was "sperm."