Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Good News Miz!!

Well peeps (and Miz) - I just finished my strength training. I am currently using a resistance band. I had the one that came with the Wii EA Sport Active - but I was finding that a bit too lose (even if I shortened it up), and then my physio lady game me a green band to do physio exercises with. Holy noodle - that one is much tighter and I feel like I got quite a nice workout. My biceps right now have that tired feeling that I know will translate into me hurting when I get dressed in the next day or two!!

I had lunch today (vietnamese) with some former co-workers. What a fun group of people we had then. We had to work hard, but we sure had fun doing it. The food was SO good. I had lemon grass beef & onion on rice. Perfect portion size. Countable and filling. A classic combination!!

I treated myself to a latte for the bus ride home. It will replace my afternoon snack. It was so tasty and I managed to stay awake on the bus!

Mmmm, not much else to chat about today. I bought the latest Yoga Journal magazine. It is now the only magazine I'm purchasing, except for WW. I used to be a fitness type magazine junkie - but these are tough economic times! HAHA!!

Things are looking good on the tv front. Future shop was really quite helpful. Kudos to them. They provided customer service - you don't find that very often!!

Have a healthy day!!


  1. I have GOT TO get back to strength training. GO TO.

  2. Anonymous8:50 PM

    Did you read Yoga Journal last month about the older teachers who were stil dong yoga? They looked amazing.

    This is Julie; I can't get the stupid OpenID to verify me.