Friday, October 16, 2009

confessions and "a ha" moments

Remember when I said yesterday that I was GOING to do strength training and maybe go for a walk with the pup? Well, I did walk the pup - sans booties - it is already so nice out again that everything is melting. He did, though, walk through EVERY puddle he came across!! What I didn't do was strength training! I FORGOT!!! Who does that - especially when they have taken the time to write out the workout in their journal. Sigh.

That my friends is why we need to journal in a timely manner. Had I written down my dinner info after I got home from belly dance (or, of course, after dinner) I would have seen my strength workout there and remembered to do it. I didn't write in my supper until this morning, where I GASP noticed that I hadn't done my work. ARGHHHHH!!!

I'll make it up Saturday.

On to my AHA moment. Had lunch after curling up at the Club. Went for lunch with my team. Ordered a Chicken Souvlaki Wrap - which is new on the menu (YUM) - but asked the waitress to hold the feta cheese. Had a side of garden greens. Both my lunch mates, who are on again/off again weight watchers commented on my choice. I said that, since I had dined on a breakfast sandwich (also at Club) for 6 pts this morning - I wanted to forgo 3 extra pts (at least I figure) of cheese. Well, both of them made a big deal when the meals came, because they both had it with cheese (which is how it comes, they didn't get extra). The one gal said "well, I just LOVE cheese". I said that I did also, but that it came down to choices, and that for today, I needed to not have it. They kept going on like I wasn't ALLOWED it. But that wasn't it. I could have counted it. I CHOSE to forgo it. This was a big moment for me - but they kinda made fun. I held strong though and felt pretty proud for making a choice that worked well for me. Even though it was like they ordered to spite me (I say this because of their comments, not because I think people with cheese on their sandwiches are out to get me!!) all I could think was how they weren't hurting me at all.

We had a real hoot curling this morning. So much fun. My team is really nice. Even with the lunch drama - really nice ladies. I look forward to the season.

I ran today. Uber frustration. I did a 2k run to calibrate my Nike+ because it was running fast. Then, I did another 2k run, cause, well, I like to run around 4k. What did my Nike+ say after the big calibration???? 1.76k. Seriously. O....M....G!!!!!!! Sigh.

Well, I better get to making supper. Don't know what the heck I'm going to make......

Have a healthy day!!

PS: Fatmom - thanks so much for leaving a comment to say how you're doing!! I'm SO VERY HAPPY that WW is working for you - what a great success you've seen so far! Keep up the awesome work. You rock!


  1. I would think that anyone who ordered cheese on their sammie was out to get me! I've tried so hard to break up with cheese. I just can't. Or won't!

    H =)

  2. Way to stand your ground!

    Sounds like you had a great day, I can't do the curling thing. I'm a skater and curling just doesn't work with my feet, lol.

  3. uh, YES.

    did you make it up on saturday? :)