Friday, October 30, 2009

Quiet Friday

I worked yesterday. The day went really well, and I worked so hard that I now don't have to work today! Just every day next week now.

Puppy is at daycare since I thought I would be working. Feels lonely to be here and have him NOT here. I keep looking for him.

On the agenda today - run and pole dancing. I'm going to run outside as we are having a Chinook and it will be a gorgeous day today. Last night was belly dance. It was a really fun class. Glad I went. I almost used sick daughter as an excuse to stay home. Curious to see how I feel after pole class tonight. While I don't mind the class - I don't LOVE it - and right now I'm thinking that I won't do it again. We'll see.

Wednesday I didn't go to belly dance (daughter was sicker and I didn't want to leave her), but did take the pup for a run outside. He was so happy to be running out there he was still vibrating when we got home!

Daughter is back at school today and husband will be taking her to get her H1N1 shot next week.

Not much else to report. Things still looking good for the potential 2nd contract job. Just waiting to hear from them.

Made myself the yummiest breakfast. Fried spinach, garlic, onions (with pam) topped with a scrambled egg & egg white. Yum. I just love, love, love cooked spinach! Anyhow - awesome 2pts. (I don't count points for onions).

Sheppard's pie on the menu for dinner tonight. Daughter missed the last one I made.

Have a healthy day bloggers.


  1. I'm going for a run in the chinook, too! Who knows, it might be the last nice weather we have for awhile!

    H =)