Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pole Dancing

Last night was our first pole dancing class. My girlfriend was REALLY nervous. I wasn't until we got there and I started to really wonder what the hell I had been thinking!

The venue is small and they have an area for floor work and then around 6 or 7 poles on the other half of the floor.

We all kinda waited outside because there was a class going on. One of the teachers said we could come in, so we did and milled around watching. Girlfriend commented how panicked she would be if anyone was watching us. We saw the other class divided in two - one half putting on a show for the other then they switched. The girls were good. I figured they must be a level 2 or 3 class. Nope - turns out they were a level 1 but in week 5. Yowsers! Girlfriend is now convinced this was a bad idea. But, she is a trouper and we stay for our class!

Class is not at all what I think it will be. There are only 6 of us. We warm up and then the teacher calls out 3 names (thankfully girlfriend & I are together). We have to go to the poles first - the other 3 go to the floor. We very quickly learn the first part of our pole routine. Practice it 3 times and then we move to the floor. On the floor we stretch and then learn a floor routine. Other group learns pole. Then we all come together and do a combination of pole type moves and floor moves up against the wall. Then we 3 have to perform the pole dance for the other 3 and then they perform for us. Every class we have to perform for the other half of the class at the end.

Girlfriend was not at all comfortable with this. What I found stunning was that I didn't even bat an eye at it.

Now people - there was a time in my life that I tried to disappear. I would go up to the club and PRAY that no one noticed me. I didn't want anyone to approach me. It was torturous. Anyhow - I started belly dance, and performed and found myself. I cannot describe the feeling I had when I realized on the way home that I performed a pole dance with strangers in front of strangers and I didn't even give it a 2nd thought! I'm not saying that I think I did it well, or that I looked sexy. I'm just saying that I went up there did my sexy walk, did my fancy turns, did my sexy squats, opened and closed my legs, slapped, let my hands wander, did a slide down the pole, got up leading with my booty and sexy walked back and didn't even think about the fact that people were watching me!!

This is so huge for me - even now, the day after - my head is spinning. Personal growth. I'm just so excited!!

Now - last night I would have argued that this isn't an exercise class at all. It's a dance class. We got there and just did dance moves. For an hour.

This morning, however, I might argue that it IS an exercise class. You all should know that it worked my back so much that this morning I am having trouble finding the strength to keep myself upright. Holy shit. And my poor shoulder. I actually did all of my pole work on my left side. And still my right shoulder is killing me. And to add to my stupid - I forgot to ice it last night.

My friend.... said that she doesn't feel sexy and so she was uncomfortable. I think that this class will be good for her - and help her find her sexy. She always equates sexy with skinny (which she is - she is the same height as me 5'5 and weighs 106) but sexy really comes from inside.

Well, I'm off to take daughter to work - have a healthy day!!


  1. Anonymous11:14 AM

    What a great report! I'm glad to hear that you have confidence about both performing in front of other people and getting your sexy on. You'll have to let us know if your friend gets more comfortable with the class.

  2. You're braver than I am! So glad it was fun and a good workout too! Now, go ice that shoulder!

    H =)

  3. Whoo hoo, work that pole!!!!

  4. Gee that was pretty bold of you to do. I try to understand that it is dance and exersize and all but I have mixed feelings about it. I hope I don't sound like a prude. I don't know if its a guy perspective... maybe if it's embracing a part of you, rather than reducing you to just a part of you... I hope that makes some sense.

    I don't know if this counts for me as a guy, but I go in the pool without a shirt now only in the last two months, out of my whole life. Now I've got no six pack abs, in fact I've got a big belly... but I've decided that this is me. Of course I'm trying to change shape but I have to accept me for me and then I can be about where I want to go from here.

    This might make you smile... I started a fitness group at my local church and the ladies are thinking about getting into the belly dancing thing.

    I watched a zumba tape and it looked kind of fun. I think I'd like to learn the old jazz swing music dancing with the zoot suits. - Alan

  5. I think this is absolutely FANTASTIC. I love how far you've come in the self confidence department. I'm not quite there yet. But knowing how started out (by wanting to blend in) to how far you've come, gives me a lot of hope.

    And I agree, the sexiness comes from within.

  6. Wow, so cool! I bet you worked some muscles you never know you had. I concur about the origin of sexiness.

  7. Yep, the baffles were in, but they didn't do the whole room, so if you're in anything but the first two rows, it still echoes terribly. I'm going to email them and tell them that--we told Faye, but I think it's also best to email them.

    I loved your word verification--too funny!

    H =)

  8. I LOVE my Pole Classes. In fact, I am going to start teaching the Pole Parties that are booked through the company I've been taking classes from. I love that I have gained strength and flexibility in my upper body.

    Inspiration? Check out this video on YouTube, she's amazing...

  9. what a great post. i'm so happy you tried this. really it's about confidence which comes from inside.

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