Monday, July 06, 2009


Saturday I did in fact go up to the gym while husband & daughter swam.  I ended up doing 55 minutes of cycling.  I have never done that much before.  It was a great session.  

I am now 13.5 points over.  The Stampede breakfast would have been fine, but then husband & I went to see Transformers II (good movie) and I had the kiddie popcorn with topping.  Even that would have been fine.  What got me off track was the box of Smarties.  5 pts.  Gone.  Sigh.  The worst part?  I really enjoyed them!  Normally I give away the sweet treat immediately.  I don't know where my head was yesterday - I didn't even think about doing it yesterday - I just dove right in.  Silliness.

In spite of all this - I had a great weekend.  We watched all of Season 5 of Stargate Atlantis.  We had so much fun at the Stampede Breakfast, which was not only tasty, but we had a great visit with two couples - one from husband's work and one from my previous place of employment.  It was just really nice.  Both couples are just really, really good to the core people.  It felt good to re-connect.  We have to be more than just the food we eat.  The review of a successful day has to be judged by more than how many points were in the pancakes or popcorn or smarties.  

Yesterday I also got to talk to my sister, who lives across the country.  They had to put their dog down a couple of days ago.  Just breaks my heart.  Their dog was quite old, and she said that on Thursday they just knew it was time.  Elliot would no longer eat his most favourite treat, he had no reactions at all to being rubbed in his most special spots that he loved.  He had completely given up.  Her husband is devastated.  They are grateful for the years they had together though, and they have lots of warm memories and pretty pictures.  

Today, my puppy & I will be taking a run.  I have to do Fitness Magazine workout, Amy's workout..... and I may or may not cycle.  Oh, I have to stop doing side plank - it is killing my shoulders.  Husband has a book of exercises, and I've found a replacement to work my obliques.  Phew!

Ok, enough rambling - I need to eat and then get working out!!


  1. Anonymous9:17 AM

    Thanks for the nice comment on my blog, Fatinah! It made me feel like a model of health.

    When you said that the worst part about the box of Smarties was that you really enjoyed them, I was thinking that it would be worse if you *hadn't* enjoyed them. My old WW leader always used to ask after someone "confessed" to a splurge, "Did you enjoy it?"

    It sounds like you had a great weekend, and you enjoyed yourself without going off the rails. I bet you just splurged at the movies because you were already off your regular eating habits. But you are so right that we need fun, friends, laughs, and occasionally Smarties in our lives as well as points.

  2. Our days are more than the points or calories in food!! I completely agree!!

    I also agree with would have been worse if you hadn't enjoyed those Smarties.

  3. You are doing great! Keep it up.

  4. Anonymous1:19 PM

    I love your "ramblings!" Glad you had a good time at your holiday festivities..."Smarties?" That many points? Well, I guess there's no fiber in those little sugar tabs.

    Michelle (AKA FatMom)

  5. Don't beat yourself up over it. In the grand scheme of things 13.5 isn't that much. Like you said, you had a good time, you re-connected with old friends, etc. It could have been much worse. I think you did well at keeping things under control. You got the kiddie popcorn, not even the small. Focus on your successes. There are plenty!

  6. I agree that if you decide to have a sweet, then you should just go ahead and enjoy it. Don't feel guilty! I'm not sure what Smarties are, but they can't be that bad. Especially with all the working out you do...I read about your workouts and I always think...that Fatinah is a amazing!

    I'm so sorry about your sister's dog. We love our dogs so much but they leave us so soon. Give your sis & hub a "hug across the miles" for me.