Monday, July 27, 2009

On Top of the World!!

That is where I was this weekend!!

This is the view of Emerald Lake from near the top of where we hiked.

This is the view of where we hiked to from Emerald Lake. We were just above the tree line up at the top, near where the mountain top comes down.

What was more amazing than me going up that stinking big mountain, was the fact that I went for a swim in Emerald Lake. Holy noodle, was it ever cold. And it is even greener than the photo shows. We actually hiked around the lake the day after the big hike and finished it off with the swim. Then we had an illegal (drinking in public) Big Rock Lime while sitting in the sun to dry off. I know, I'm a wild woman.

The weekend was so perfect. We stayed at the Bear's Den, which is basically a basement suite in Field. It was awesome and I would recommend it to anyone looking to stay in the area. Top notch. Well stocked kitchen (utensil wise).

The night we got there, we noshed on appetizers and had beer-gerita's. Early night since we had a big day ahead of us.

Friday we had our hike. Our guide told us we were the quickest group he had ever taken up. There were 17 of us total. 6 of us and 11 others. Going up was actually a piece of cake. What I found... hard, I guess, is that once at the top, you spend time looking at fossils. Personally, I'm not interested in that, so I sat and actually nodded off. Then I had a 3 hour hike down. Half of that was a piece of cake. The last half though. OMG. My knees were so swollen they wouldn't bend. I honestly wondered if I would make it down. I did. And I'd do it again in a second. That night after the hike we had brought a frozen lasagne & made some salad. We knew we'd all be too tired to go out, or really cook.

Saturday was the hike around Emerald Lake, followed by the swim & sun tan, followed by appies, followed by a lovely dinner out at the famous Truffle Pig Bistro. Dinner was GOOD. We then chatted, and drank back in the room.

Sunday we were supposed to do brunch in Banff, but honestly, we had so much food still and were so full still from the big dinner the night before, we stayed at the room and had a nice leisurely breakfast. Then home!

When I got home, husband & I watched SYTYCD results which we had taped (sorry America, but you guys got it WRONG), and then I heard those 4 awesome words that I love so much..... Let's go get naked!!

I was happy to be home early on Sunday - I got right back on program at breakfast in the room (thank GOD we cancelled the brunch!!) and stayed there for the day. My stomach has been so upset already today from all the food. I did take the puppy for a run/walk last night at 8:00. He missed me a lot and kept staring at me waiting to go out. Poor little muffin. Plus, it felt good to run.

As soon as I hit Publish Post I'm going to take him for a long walk. I am doing spin class tonight with husband, so I'm not going to run - I need my leg strength!!

Oh, and I did publish my weigh in results from Thursday - I stayed the same. Which really made me happy - this means I am learning to deal with stress (in-laws) in other ways than just stuffing my face. Way to go me.

Oh, and I leave for Montreal on FRIDAY!!! YA BABY!!!! I already informed BFF that I will not be using vacation as an excuse for a shit show. She has agreed to support me in this. To that end, they purchased 110 LITE beers! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Have a healthy day bloggers!!


  1. Your BFF sounds like a rad chick! Haha!

    Those pics are amazing! So glad you had fun!

  2. Anonymous12:10 PM

    WHOA! 110 beers!? You Canadians...Ha! Sounds like a great pretty up there. I'm with you on the fossil thingie...a nap sounds waaay better! Have fun!!


  3. WOW, that lake is gorgeous!!!! Sounds like a great weekend.