Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Blog Reading - what's the point?

Sometimes I wonder why I read blogs. It is time spent on my ass. Not moving. Then I have a day like today, where every blog I read jumps right out at me.

Roni blogged about confidence. Of course, we find some confidence when we lose those extra pounds, but what about finding confidence in other accomplishments? We really are more than our bodies. It's nice if we can find a body part or five that we like, but what about the parts that make up who we are? The parts that people can't touch, but see every day? Our kind acts, hard work, our ability to love. The parts that Lever 2000 can't wash. I need to remember that I have those.

Jason posted the tiniest of posts - just that he was tired because he had really pushed it today. 4 sentences. But, in those 4 sentences, he reminded me that pushing yourself hard is how you get results. We all blog about how we aren't getting anywhere with our weight loss efforts, but we NEVER say - "man, I ate right and pushed myself 110% and I'm not getting anywhere!". I need to make sure that my efforts, when I make them are bang on and full out.

Tornwordo posted about not feeling like blogging today. Then he went on to talk about how just taking and no giving is no way to live your life.... from there he gave us a quiz to take to see how your thinking matches up with religious ideologies. By the end of his post, I was reminded how badly I want to go to the U of C to take a degree in religious studies. I am also struck by the fact that while this young (44 years today) gentleman appears follows no specific religion, he is one of the most spiritual people I've come across on the internet.

And I haven't even made it 1/4 of the way through my reading list. Blog reading rocks. It changes lives.


  1. I go through that too! On a side not... emerald lake! Wow what a beauty!!

  2. I think it takes me a week to get through my list and then I do it all over again. I love the connectivity of sharing our human experiences.