Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I am so mad right now - Part II

Husband & I hardly ever argue. I sent off an e-mail right away to him this morning explaining exactly why I was so upset (the him not telling me he had no intention of staying home part). I learned long ago with my husband I need to use my words. If I wait for him to just "get it" I'll go freaking crazy.

He e-mailed me back saying he got time off. I e-mailed him saying he had missed the point of why I was so upset. He calls.

"you're right" he says "I need to not just say what you want to hear" I'm nodding on my end. So hard in fact that I have a kink in my neck.

"and I understand that you have a job to do and responsibilities at work" - I'm a big person - I can give in a bit too.

he can't let it go though. And this is why I find him so charming .

"but you also know how much I don't want to see them and I don't want them staying with us"

"but I didn't invite them!" (this is true - we found out that they were staying with us two weeks before they mentioned it to US from my brother in law)

"well, this is really all your fault, because you're the one that wanted your daughter to be close to her grandparents. All those years of saying to them that they should visit us - and now they are"

sigh "you're right - this is my fault - I wanted my daughter to have grandparents in her life"

"ok then - have a good day"

seriously. This is my fault because I wanted my daughter to experience growing up with grandparents. Only my husband can say that and not have any idea how ridiculous a statement that is.

Is anyone out there wondering how I don't need to use all of my 22 pts a day on booze???

Meanwhile, I'm calmer about it all now. That must be because of my yoga camp today. I'm all zen now!


  1. Oy. I'd be beyond pissed.

    I've been going to Capitol Hill. They SAY the reason they're closing is parking, but I think when the new management/parking company took over their rent also went up. Westbrook location has never had any parking yet they aren't closing it!

    Unfortunately, it's all about the bucks to the boys in Edmonton. They don't really care about the people who attend meetings and fund their empire.

    Sorry, I'll get off my soap box now!

    H =)

  2. So he IS taking off? If that's the case, at least he's stepping up to the plate and not making you face them all day by yourself.

  3. I understand completely. My MIL is EXACTLY like that. I'll be praying hard for you girl!

    Hope your husband takes a step up for you.

  4. ha ha ha. totally your fault. ha ha ha.