Friday, July 10, 2009

Listening to Janet Evanovich while cycling = feeling like a fool!

Yesterday's run with the pup turned into a walk with the pup.  My feet are so sore!  I feel like they need to be stretched or something.... my arches feel tight.  Anyhow, I finally get out with the dog and I was, oh, I don't know maybe 8 minutes away from being done and I got really, really dizzy.  Weak.  You know the way you feel if you've missed a meal?  I honestly didn't think I'd make it back to the house!  Obviously, I did, but I was a bit scared there for a while.

Husband called me to tell me he didn't feel like going to the Club right after work, but knew that I wouldn't want to go with him after dinner.  Silly boy.  Of course I'll go up with you I said.  Why did I say that?  Ugh.  He pretty much had to drag me kicking and screaming after dinner.  

I ended up doing a whole hour on the spin bike.  5 minutes sitting, 5 minutes standing for the whole hour.  The whole time, I was listening to "Finger Lickin Fifteen" by Janet Evanovich.  Well.  Those of you who read her books likely think they are funny.  This one was one of the funniest.  So there I am, 35 minutes into my ride and I'm panting (cause you know, I'm almost dead from exertion) and I get to the part with the hot dog.  I am now still panting but also laughing OUT LOUD so hard that I can't catch my breath and I think I might start crying.  This would be bearable if I wasn't in the middle of the fitness center, alone over on the spin bikes, looking like a total loon!  Oy!  I wonder if I burned extra calories from laughing?  Sure made the run more fun!!

Anyhow - I between the walk & bike I earned 6 AP points.  Good day.  OP.  Don't you just love having OP days?  

I'm going to read my week 3 book this morning.  I'm going to learn how to Stay Ahead of Hunger.  Can't wait!

Oh, I'm also reading Dating Dead Men by Harley Jane Kozak.  It is FUNNY!!  I was giggling away last night while husband was trying to sleep.  Well worth a read people.  I think I've mentioned this before, but... It is really good!

Today I really am going to take the pup for a run.  Sore feet and all.  I'm also going to spend some time trying to stretch them.  It is kinda cold outside today.  Nice for running.  I have to do some serious housework today - in-laws coming in next Wednesday.  Ugh.  Most of my next week's flex points will be spent on Bud Light Lime I suspect ;-)

Have a healthy day bloggers!!

PS:  Did I tell you all that I purchased my Harry Potter tickets yesterday for the midnight showing on Tuesday?  Ya baby!!!!!  Hubby, daughter & I are all going - I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!


  1. Anonymous10:09 AM

    I swear if we lived across the street from each other we would totally be pop culture BFF's! I LOVE Janet Evanovich. Once I was on a plane reading one of her books, and I think everyone thought I was crazy because I couldn't stop myself from laughing out loud! I've been so desperate for something to read lateley. I just ordered the Dating Dead Men book off of Amazon for 1 penny ( I love that website). Keep those book recommendations coming!

  2. I just started reading Janet Evanovich. I adore her already. Not close to the new book yet but can't wait to get there.

  3. I love Janet Evanovich! I haven't read the latest yet. I'm still strying to get through my Laurell K Hamilton book before I'm allowed to buy a new book... and I just don't have as much time as I used to. Before I could read 7 books a week now I'm lucky to finish 2 books a month. I miss reading but enjoy the resuls of exercising far more. Maybe one day I'll find a happy medium.