Friday, July 03, 2009


So, I made it through the football game in the box using 6.5 flex & 3 AP and the Stampede party......oy - that was more expensive - 21 flex & 2AP!!  Fun times and I'm still on program!!

Thursday I did the EA Sport Active which only took 14 minutes and a run with Indiana that took 33 minutes.  My pace was a bit slower - 7'43/km.  Run felt good though.  I really, really like the route I've found.  It is just the perfect length so that I can run every day.  I say run, but really I jog.  In any case, whatever I call it, it relaxes me.  

Today I will run with the pup, do my Shape Magazine routine, Amy's ab routine (cause I really liked it).... and the EA Sport Active.  That should keep me busy and work off some of the 21 flex points I consumed yesterday!!

I still have a Stampede breakfast to make it through on Sunday... but I still have 7.5 flex so I should be fine.  

My feet are really sore today.  The Stampede Party we went to last night was actually in a parking lot.  All that standing around on the concrete.  Ow.  Or it could just be old age.  HAHA.

A book I put on hold just arrived at the library.  When I pick it up, I will be dropping off my first Operation Beautiful book.  I'm surprised that I'm so excited about it!

Have a healthy day!!

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