Monday, June 25, 2007

Weekend ReCap

So, we finally did our "long" walk. 18.5 km's in 3 hours. Didn't break any speed records - but I'm pretty happy with that. Over 1200 calories burned. Woohooo!!

They announced some new food to be sold at the Stampede this year. Are you ready for this? Sit down, cause it is gross.

* Beef Sundaes. I don't know what the hell that even means, but seriously - how can it be good??
* Deep Fried Cheesecake. Someone actually had the never to make this suggestion OUT LOUD and then someone else had the balls to say "GREAT IDEA". OMG!!! What are these people thinking?

It reminded me of the time I was in Dallas and we went to the State Fair - I actually saw a family of 4 chowing down on a smoked turkey leg - which was the biggest piece of meat I had ever seen in my life. Couldn't eat meat for a month after.

We purchased a beer fridge at Costco yesterday for husband's man room. It looks fan-freakin-tastic!!

OK - bad parenting moment ahead. Yesterday husband & I went for coffee (to get our Tim's - we are complete junkies) and we forgot to let daughter know we were leaving the house!! Didn't realise it till we were in line at the drive through! I still feel so awful about it! She laughed, but I just about cried!

Oh, and Saturday night, still on a high from my stunning loss - I drank a bottle of wine. F*@k! (see how I just slipped that in - in the hope that you're not paying attention anymore ;-))

Oh, well - gotta roll with it.

Have a healthy day bloggers!


  1. Holy cow!! Fantastic loss this weekend!! Don't worry about the wine. It will be gone in a flash, especially with that 1200 calorie walk!! Heck ya!! Doesn't it feel great? I know I felt fantastic after my 828 calorie burn, that I am going to make an effort to do that once a week.

    Beef Sundaes...ewwwwwww!!!

  2. PS I did drink water...i'm thinking it was the heat. :)

  3. Great job on the walk! Way to go!

    Those menu items do sound gross. Some people deep fry anything. I know when I was in vegas they had deep fried twinkies and gross. Wonder who had the idea to take something that was already bad for you, and then deep fry it in fat. Seriously, who thought that was a good idea?

  4. Ah... the "bottle of wine" slip. It's one of my favorites! HA HA Well, you deserved it!

  5. Oh, the State Fair of Texas brings back so many memories. We went every year when I was a kid. I had a deep-fried snickers bar once. It was awesome. And, I have to say, I'd love a big ole turkey leg one of these days. I think I'm going to have to save money for an autumn trip home.

    Congrats on the awesome loss!

  6. AMAZING!! Great job on your loss!! that is so exciting!! Keep up the amazing work!! That is one long walk...great work!! And holy calorie burning!!