Sunday, June 17, 2007

Jenny Craig

Well, I did it. I'm doing JC.

I have a new consultant, the gal I had last time moved away. Oddly, I felt comforted by the fact that I had seen her quite frequently last time I did JC. She is also a nutritionist.

We went through the program again. She put me on 1200 calories, but said we may have to add some stuff to accommodate the exercise I've been doing. She also told me that I can keep eating my Activia yogurt. Yay!

I weighed in higher than I thought I would, but I think that is because I wore my jeans. Silly me. Anyhow, that is kind of a mute point - it is what it is, and I will adjust my ticker accordingly.

When the gal asked me about my goal weight, I told her I wanted a 10% loss. I thought she would balk at that, cause it won't make me very "skinny", but she said that was a great goal, and not so big that I would feel it was unattainable. I'm still kinda surprised. I had a whole argument ready. That made me feel even better about her as a consultant.

Went for my walk yesterday. I was 8 minutes slower than normal, but I'm not too fussed about that because I had intended to do a leisurely walk.

We went for dinner last night at a friend's house. Since I start JC today, I had some of everything on my plate, although I didn't over,over indulge. I wasn't stuffed at the end of dinner. Just full. I was also the designated driver last night, so I had one glass of red wine before dinner. I don't like red wine, so it is a great tactic to be sure that we don't have to call a taxi. While we played cards, I drank bubble water in my wine glass. It was good, but all those bubbles are hard on my stomach!!

I'm supposed to do my 3 hour walk here pretty quick - it is pouring out! Just waiting for walking partner to call to see what the scoop is.......

Have a healthy day!


  1. My sister did Jenny for several months... lost quite a bit of weight... then she got depressed and dropped out...??
    She actually loved it...but it was a bit pricey...

    She is on Weight Watchers right now.. I'm trying to do WW .. but I keep cheating... dang it.

    It's 108 degrees outside.. so I do not even want to go for a walk or anything... If you don't get out by 5am.. forget it..

    I love Lean Cuisines... do you have those up there??

  2. oh my gosh .. i just sent you 3 emails with some yummy WW tips... only to find out that i can't respond to your comments on my blog...(it went to "no-replycomment" hee hee... so they all three came back...

    do you have an email address that you're comfortable sharing?
    email me if you'd like.. it's on my profile...

  3. Congrats on joining JC. I'm proud of you for making the commitment!

  4. good for you!!!!!

  5. Good Job on getting back on JC, I had a friend who did it for a bit, and liked it, just had to drop it because of the costs. Hopefully you will see the losses you want in no time!